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Something strange happened as I entered the door to the  break room this afternoon. Henry, when he saw me, shouted, quote: “They’ve escaped!” Just the way I had previously done it (although he didn’t managed to do it quite as loudly as I did, I was happy to see). And the whole room full of [...]

Breakroom Conversations

During lunch just  now, I decided to use my acquired humorous line from the situational comedy program the other day, if the chance presented itself. And lo, it did. In fact, the coffee woman from the park came in and there were about ten of us there and she could not find any bagels in [...]


I have tried my hand at comedy on occasion. I might slip in an amusing line during a lunch break conversation with my colleagues. The way I learn about humour is from watching situational comedy programs on television. For me, it is easy to hear the background laughter and then storing the line or comment [...]