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Upon my arrival at my place of employment at 07:59 the next morning I had almost, but not quite forgotten about the incidents of the previous day. I was however, immediately reminded of them again as Laura came hurrying over towards me the second I entered the door.
“Are you OK?” she said.
“I am.”
“I heard there [...]


Upon my return to the building, I was greeted by two police officers leisurely keeping an eye on the entrance. I was asked if I lived there and answering in the affirmative, I was let in. Outside, people had scattered, the fire trucks were gone (unfortunately, I thought) and the smoke had died down to [...]


I am sorry for posting this somewhat late in the afternoon. I am at a “coffee shop”, would you believe it, after all the talk of such things recently. I am writing this on my laptop computer. I am in solitude, however. No Laura or Ms. Hannigan, I am afraid. Or Henry. But I am [...]