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Break Room Whisperings

I feel I must part with the following disturbing tale before I attempt to meet with Ms. Hannigan this evening.
As you may remember, at the conclusion of my previous posting, I uttered a desire… nay, a need, to go see Laura for a few minutes in the office lunchroom before the break had passed [...]


I felt strangely rejuvenated on my way to my place of employment this morning. What humans may refer to as energetic, even. Granted, the spring air was refreshing. Henry was there when I arrived.
I greeted him and he did one of those things that men do when they meet where they slap each other over [...]

What is this?

I am not going to tell you my name. I do not really have one. It does not matter. What is in a name after all? But I am different from people you know, let us just leave it at that.
I have no friends. Not one. And I have no family. My… “Condition” does not [...]