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Oh, you will not believe it, but I have just been offered a ride to the United States Alaska territory by a Russian submarine captain whom I met at a bar in this Northern country I reside in at the moment. He will not even receive any monetary compensation for this service as long as [...]

Safe Passage Out

Ha ha! I have to laugh. in this new country people are silly, not that they mean to be at all. I have to move, I think, because silly won’t get me a job with numbers again, which is what I need right now. I will have to move back to the United States of [...]

Break Room Whisperings

I feel I must part with the following disturbing tale before I attempt to meet with Ms. Hannigan this evening.
As you may remember, at the conclusion of my previous posting, I uttered a desire… nay, a need, to go see Laura for a few minutes in the office lunchroom before the break had passed [...]


I am embarrassed to look at the posting from yesterday. There were quite a lot of spelling mistakes, more than I realized in the beginning. But do I care? No, I do not.
I have found another real fault with humans. They sleep. Last night, Laura was in my apartment all night and we went to [...]


At sunlight this morning I found myelf in an unusual position, in my Pondering Chair. That, in and of itslf, is not unusual, but on my lat, curled yup, naked, was Laura, fast asleep. At first when I had come out of my pondering trance I was distraught. I had fantasised about being whased my [...]


Very late last evening I was sitting in my Pondering Chair analyzing the questions and accusations which Det. Hammerstein had made against. me. Will you believe it, he believes that I might be the murderer. The travesty! I was the first at the scene and I had the doctor’s blood on hands and on [...]

Park Bench

After concluding my workday last night, I made my way to my regular bench in the park, by the pond. There are also ducks and sometimes geese there, in addition to the pigeons, sparrows and other common birds, none of them, however, intelligent enough to teach me how to fly.
By then I was doing better. [...]


This weblog’s intentions were to give you an insight into the life of someone a little different from the humans who probably surround you on a daily basis. I am different in many ways, and thought I might be able to tell you some stories and show you some drawings from my life as a [...]