Please do not call me paranoid, for I am not. But this morning I wandered the tight halls of this submarine and I heard voices from one of the rooms to the side. At first the discussion was about nautical matters that I’m not equipped to analyze, but later on (I do not know why I kept listening) the two males proceeded to talk about a “package.” This “package” was to be delivered in Southampton, England, a stop I was not aware that we were making. I tried to listen further in an attempt to find out what was IN this package, but to no avail. Clearly I must continue to keep my eyes open (which is not a problem since I do not sleep and I also have no need to moisturize my eyeballs through blinking. So, presumably an easy task).

I was unable to deduce the identities of these two males, but the discussion took place in one of the machine rooms on the lower level of the submarine (room number 103B, to be exact).Meanwhile, I have made a small discovery about my anatomy, that is, a small part of my non-human anatomy that may be of interest and may help me forther in my little investigation. I will need a little more time to research but will surely tell of my findings when I have more to tell you.

Thank you again for reading and listening to my story. I am glad that there are humans out there interested in what is going on with me. So, as I believe they say, merry christmas to all of you.

The Lonely Cyborg

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