What is this?

I am not going to tell you my name. I do not really have one. It does not matter. What is in a name after all? But I am different from people you know, let us just leave it at that.

I have no friends. Not one. And I have no family. My… “Condition” does not really leave room for friends and family. I am not sad. People like me do not get sad, we just state the fact and move on. It is really quite that simple. But I do wish to communicate with others. I like communication – it is what I do best, I believe. Well, that and the game of Chess.

Will I see you here? Will you read? It does not matter – I do not need the attention, I can communicate to a small, or no audience, I just thought I would write things down, in case there is someone willing to listen. And I might tell you some stories. I can draw, as well. Might give you some insight into what it is like living with my “Condition.”

The Lonely Cyborg

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