It is icy around me. I do not feel the cold, but the atmosphere at large is altered when one is stuck in a cold environment. All my parts do not yet function again. Thus, I will be slow to start entries and perhaps never get back to regular tellings of my affairs. However, I will try. I remember so little, yet still enough to understand that there were forces at hand that attempted to completely destroy me and those around me. I would say, those around me who I care about, but feelings are not something that I have. They succeeded in many ways, but I am still here. Had I a heart, it would still beat.

The Lonely Cyborg


… 98% done.



Please do not call me paranoid, for I am not. But this morning I wandered the tight halls of this submarine and I heard voices from one of the rooms to the side. At first the discussion was about nautical matters that I’m not equipped to analyze, but later on (I do not know why I kept listening) the two males proceeded to talk about a “package.” This “package” was to be delivered in Southampton, England, a stop I was not aware that we were making. I tried to listen further in an attempt to find out what was IN this package, but to no avail. Clearly I must continue to keep my eyes open (which is not a problem since I do not sleep and I also have no need to moisturize my eyeballs through blinking. So, presumably an easy task).

I was unable to deduce the identities of these two males, but the discussion took place in one of the machine rooms on the lower level of the submarine (room number 103B, to be exact).Meanwhile, I have made a small discovery about my anatomy, that is, a small part of my non-human anatomy that may be of interest and may help me forther in my little investigation. I will need a little more time to research but will surely tell of my findings when I have more to tell you.

Thank you again for reading and listening to my story. I am glad that there are humans out there interested in what is going on with me. So, as I believe they say, merry christmas to all of you.

The Lonely Cyborg


I am on board the submarine and we are about to kick off our journey.

At the same time I feel strange. I don’t know if you’ve noticed anything in my posts, but I feel slightly different. I feel somehow less competent. I was held captive for so long, but I was shut down for long periods and I fear my captives may have performed experiments and were unable to successfully put me back the exactly the way my maker intended.

Well, well.. This is just another question in the effort to find out what has happened and look forward to finding things out. I will maybe also seek out Laura when we arrive on the other side. We are about to submerge. I d not want to miss this so I will return later with more thoughts.

The Lonely Cyborg


Oh, you will not believe it, but I have just been offered a ride to the United States Alaska territory by a Russian submarine captain whom I met at a bar in this Northern country I reside in at the moment. He will not even receive any monetary compensation for this service as long as he gets to look under my hood, as he called it. As a cyborg, I can find this an acceptable term. I am very excited!

He also says that he will introduce me to Russian liquor which he refers to as the strongest and mot fierce in the entire world. I do not know about this. I do not eat any food and do not drink but I am interested whether alcoholic beverages will have any affect on me, so I will attempt to obliges.

Ha ha! He is in for a surprise! My condition will not affect my intake of any liquid. I already laugh at his projected reaction to my non-reaction to his beverage! I laugh now.

We set sail ( although I am fully aware that submarines have no sail – this is merely a manner of speech) tomorrow morning. I am excited, which I find to be a strange sensation!

Regards, The Lonely Cyborg

Safe Passage Out

Ha ha! I have to laugh. in this new country people are silly, not that they mean to be at all. I have to move, I think, because silly won’t get me a job with numbers again, which is what I need right now. I will have to move back to the United States of America – State yet to be confirmed. (The previous one not an obshion, though.

In this country I read in a newspaper that the case of the murder of my maker (whom I for scary reasons cannot remember the name of even – this is due to my condition) has become a large issue and I think I am sitll being looked at as a culpret, but not to worry, I will buy a firearm and that will solve any hostile attaack from the authorities. Firearms are one of human kinds wisest inventions and lessen the killing of their kind significantly.

Anyway, the man with the pear was hilarious, but in thinking about it I believe you would have to have been there to enjoy the signinificant punchline required for mirth to occur on your side.

I will report about my new country and its inhabitants more as I work out a method of returning to my homeland. Currently I am considering fishing boat, submarine, satellite, commercial airline of bicycle. It remains to be seen which turns out to be most affordable and convenient.

The Lonely Cyborg

Moving on – and that’s it

It is astonishing how the authorities are able to know where you area at all times. After my near escape from what turned out to be official far above those I had ever interacted with before, I have had to watch my steps carefully. I am, in fact, in an entirely different country, will you believe it!

One with my condition can easily forge (or that might be a word too loaded with negativity) papers that allows one to move across borders. I will not tell you where I am, only to say that they serve food that, from what I understand, would not under normal circumstances be consumed by rodents in other civilizations. And no, I am not in a poor, underdeveloped shit hole corner of the world. I am, no less in one of the richest lands on the planet. Go figure! (They apparently just don’t know how to prepare food, not that I eat at all myself, considering my condition.

I have heard from Laura once or twice. Details are vague, but she seems to be safe, living with her mother in one of the northern states of those United ones. The company had gone under. Murderers are still pursued, but no longer pertain to me. I am able to move on from tragic event rather rapidly and have chosen to do so in this instance.

I am writing on a Macintosh computer at the moment, which vexes me. Pardon any syntactic or otherwise linguistic mistakes in my entry.

I will proceed to let you know about my whereabouts and about the torture I endured by the authorities over the unfortunate death of my maker and the further event spraining out from that.

I have bought an iPad and will hopefully be able to keep you informed on what happens. On the other hand, I am fully intent on leaving this mess behind me and moving on, describing more earthly and common daily occurrences again as soon as possible. I do want to see Laura again, of course, but love, if that is what it was, can also be cut short if you know how to reprogram the non-human aspects of yourself and thus, she may soon not be a significant part of my life. Too bad, you might say. But live as a cyborg is not like one lead by a fully organic life form. We can use our strengths and weaknesses to our advantage and instead of mourning the loss of my creator and the questionable love of a secretarian, one would be able to settle easily into ne routines, of which I am sure you will find interesting and will bring you and your friends back to this weblog frequently.

So, let’s leave all suffering behind us for now at least until proper contact is made with deer Laura and I will soon enlighten you with a delightful story of attempting to purchase a pear from a rather dim-witted vendor. I assure you – your funny bone will be tickled to the extreme! I laugh as I type. Ha ha!

The Lonely Cyborg